Education Suggestions

- Possible questions/activities could include: group discussions on terrorism, violence, and war. Playing with markers, pens, crayons to draw the response to 9/11 you would like to have added to the shrines; discussions on why you think people might have wanted to go into the streets instead of hide in their homes following the attacks; discussions on the relevance of artistic expression to our contemporary times.

- Have students, perhaps using rhythm instruments or homemade instruments, compose music for texts related to terrorism, violence, and war – or grief, loss, pain and hope. The texts could be spoken or sung, or simply serve as the inspiration for the music-making. What is that process like? What does it feel like to compose musical sounds for words? For events? What sorts of insights or obstacles did you perceive in the process?

- Discuss how artistic responses to violence contribute to a positive peace; that is, of creating a sustainable peace on the planet. How can these artistic responses be encouraged and nurtured? What other ways might they be given a platform, so people might be aware of them? How do artistic responses promote or discourage understanding or tolerance?

- Develop classroom curriculum where the Race for the Sky CD could serve as a springboard for exploring other artistic expressions toward violent events, both in the United States and elsewhere: from Picasso’s Guernica to music from the Vietnam era, the Oklahoma City and Madrid bombings to the shootings at Columbine, assassinations of leaders to ethnic cleansing, and hate crimes to domestic violence Рall encompassing visual art, dance, theatre, film, music and poetry.

Such curriculum could include opportunities for research into news media of a specific violent event, research into artistic responses found locally near the site of the event, possible original interpretations by students in the classroom of reactions to the event, and further exploration. What roles did music and art play in the responses to this event? How might you be inspired to respond to these violent events using music and art or other mediums? Curriculum could be tailored to the needs of the Music classroom, English and Social Studies classrooms, and the Theatre, Dance and Art studios in the schools.